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Miniguide - Silent vibrating obstacle detector for people with sight difficulties.

Navigate around buildings, shopping centres and complicated outside areas with renewed confidence. The Miniguide is the ideal secondary navigational aid to help locate doorways, trees, lampposts, people and unexpected obstacles with accuracy. Small and discrete it is easily concealed in the palm of the hand.

The Miniguide has 5 distance settings ranging from half a meter to 8 meters. The closer the obstacle is the faster it will vibrate. An audio bleep output for use with an earpiece can accompany the vibrator to be used independently. Primarily designed as a secondary navigation aid the Miniguide is a perfect companion to the white cane.

Switch on using a single large red button, press it once and it is ready to use. It’s simplicity itself. Carry it in your pocket; it will soon become an invaluable friend. The Miniguide gives far more information that a cane alone can. With its extended range buildings, stairs and badly parked cars can be detected long before they are encountered.

Battery – The Miniguide used a type 123 lithium long-life battery and on average should give about100 hours use, if the audio output is used alone, then the battery should last around 1000 hours. A low battery warning prevents you being stranded without your aid.

Audio feedback options – The Miniguide has a choice of two audio feedback options. The chirp option where an audio tone is produced and the frequency varies as with the vibrator. The other is a sweep audio option. With this option the unit gives a continuous tone, the closer the object, the higher the pitch. The sweep feedback is very responsive, being very easy to hear small changes in distance. Although the sweep feedback can seem initially confusing, with practice the extra information it provides can be very valuable. Sweep feedback can be useful for helping children gain special awareness or it could be used by advanced users who like tom receive as much information as possible.

Range options          8 meters

                                    4 meters

                                    2 meters

                                    1 meter

                                     half meter


Colour: Black with a red on/off, settings button.

Battery: 123 type high capacity lithium.

Size: 80mm long, 38mm wide and 23mm thick.

Weight: 64 grams (2 1/4 oz.)

Interface: Variable vibrating transducer.

Audio options: Chirp or Sweep.


Optional Accessories – Cane clamp.

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