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HandyReader HD
HandyReader HD HandyReader HD
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The HandyReader HD is an exceptionally well priced handy electronic magnifier.

Switch it on and position it over what needs to be magnified. The picture is crisp and clear in full colour as well as positive, negative and a range of different coloured foregrounds and backgrounds with 2X - 16X variable magnification. The tactile buttons make it's use easy including Frame freeze.

Plug it into the AV socket of a television with the supplied cable and get an even larger display.

This device is small and compact so it is ideal for use while on the go. You can put the device in your pocket or handbag and use it while in the supermarket to magnify and read information on food packets. It is also a useful tool to read medicine bottles so it is perfect for use in the home too. 

The freeze frame functionality is ideal for reading prices of items on shelves when shopping as it enables the user to capture an image and then zoom in to the relevant text that they would like to read. The easy to replace battery is great for longevity.

The HandyReader HD comes with wrist strap, cables and charger.


   • Two systems in one, use it on its own or with the television.
   • 3 1/2 inch screen.
   • Zoom 2X - 16X magnification.
   • Freeze frame option available.
   • 8 Enhanced colour modes
   • Variable LED illumination.
   • Comes with a charger.
   • Battery life between 2 1/2 and 3 hours on a full charge.
   • 5 levels of screen brightness.
   • Reading Stand.


Hand Held
Battery life Between 2 1/2 and 3 hours
Display mode 8 enhanced colour modes with Full colour, Black & White, Inverse. Freeze-frame function
Power charger Included
Variable magnification 2X - 16X on 3 1/2 inch screen
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